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What is French way of life when it comes to food ?
July 29, 2016

In France, food and eating is part of everyday life.


We know how to share the pleasure of having a great meal. This is a typical French way of life, of serving food and gathering around the table, of enjoying good products and being able to talk about that with family and friends.

We talk about our French terroir, symbol of our culture and gastronomy. France is lucky to have sea coasts, mountains, plains and also boarders with Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland or Belgium. That allows us to have many different regions with many different food and ingredients. We have more than 300 cheeses… and yet we don’t have one French cuisine, but we have several regional cuisines, influenced by our regions and our international neighbours.


We could talk for hours about that fabulous bread, the baker who prepared it, or about that market where we buy our fruit. There really is a social life around food.

YES, we love talking about food.

YES, we love sharing this passion.

Look around you, there will always be somebody at Delifrance ready to share with you these good things in life.

Délifrance in the country of slow food!
July 29, 2016

Délifrance has arrived in Italy. Nothing more logical!


Home of the Slow Food philosophy, Italy is undoubtedly the ideal destination for food lovers. Milan is the city where Délifrance has chosen to open its new store. In the heart of Milan, in via Vespucci, between Garibaldi station and Piazza Gae Aulenti, you will find a very welcoming environment in which to taste the Délifrance products all day long.


From a French breakfast in the morning (with the best coffee and croissant!), to the lunch break with a delicious sandwich or salad, ending with a perfect aperitivo to share with friends in the evening.

If you are curious about French culture and gastronomy, you can also enjoy reading our selection of books while you seat and relax. And maybe you will decide to go home with a fresh baguette and a jar of French jam…