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Our mission and ambition

We want to achieve

« We feel we are surrounded by a mission : We want to reinvent ourselves every day
to enable our consumers to experiment new flavours and emotions by putting
taste & inspiration into our simple and essential bakery products.

We look for offering you standards made from our history and our know-how,                                                                                           those standards we believe are good and authentic.»

The Délifrance store atmosphere

“We, at Délifrance, share all our experience with you :
tastes, the sourcing of our ingredients, our gastronomic inspiration and the art of eating.

We have created a place where you can enjoy our products with the people you love,                                                                       because we are convinced that life is sweet when you share it with others…”

That’s what we call «French Art de vivre». Only at Délifrance, you can experiment the real
« French Art de vivre » because it is in our genes.

Feel inspired, come and find new ideas.
You never get bored at Delifrance, there is always something to discover.

Share moments, emotions with friends and family.
We will always welcome you in a smart and simple way.

The Délifrance food experience

Taste high quality French bakery products

Enjoy delicious sandwiches, dishes or salads designed & inspired by Chefs,                                                                               French or not, with a constant care about balanced food : either healthy and delicious.

Be served with French elegance : never overact, we are not playing theater.
We just want you to spend a nice moment, served with respect and positive attitude.

Discover new sharing rituals

Experiment French fusion food : combination of French classics and local “specials”

Our cuisine is a balanced cuisine : indulgent, a piece of everything and healthy…
It’s the « French paradox » !