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Cold & hot drinks

100% drinks

Hot or cold, our drinks will satisfy whatever you are in the mood for: tea and coffee, water and soda at lunchtime, or juices and smoothies for your daily dose of

Wine, beers, and cocktails are served for your special occasions!

Bread and viennoiserie

give into the temptation of bakery

Cooked on site and in the tradition of French bakery savoir-faire, our generous range of breads and pastries will do anything to be devoured by you!

The hardest part is choosing!

sandwich & hot snacks

ready, set, snack!

With Délifrance, you can snack and still eat well!

In order to satisfy your cravings during your short breaks, we offer quiches, tarts, sandwiches, and filled croissants in order to provide you with quick, convenient,
and quality meals.

Get ready to snack!

soup & salad

go green

Are you looking for a balanced meal, trying to eat light and healthy?

Délifrance offers you soups and fresh salads that you can enjoy without guilt!

So, would you like a second helping?

hot dishes

be careful! your dish is hot !

Do you feel like enjoying a comforting and delicious hot meal?

Délifrance is the right place to enjoy at-home style cooking, either in our shop or to take away.

Ask to see our menu!

sweets treats

sweet, sweet pleasure

Give into our joyful assortment of desserts!

Fruity tarts, colourful pastries, and soft cakes: this is the art of French baking!

Say YES to Délifrance’s delicious desserts.